Preserve Your Family's History

Cynthia Petersen

 Something happened when I turned 40. Not only did I realize I was not getting any younger, but I became more interested in my family's history. As I dove head-first into family tree websites, and uncovered bits and pieces of important family facts, I realized that I had uncovered a gold mine - that gold mine being the stories that came along with the facts. I discovered that I had a great-great-great grandfather, who was a sea captain in England. A voyage from Ireland to England decided his fate, and he, along with several crew members, were lost at sea.  

I also have an ancestor, who was a knight, and another who was a storeowner. And all this was from just one branch of my family tree! The other side of the tree, my father's side, consisted of life in Prussia, Germany, and I found myself immersed in the history of the homeland of my ancestors.

I spent hours researching both of my parent's families, and still only came up with info for a few branches; and there is STILL so much more to explore! My plans for compiling the information in a book for my family will depend on how quickly I can recover the information. However, any information is good information, I say. 

After my dad passed away in 2008, I found a box of papers that contained his memoirs, his favorite memories from his life.  He had intended to publish them, but he ran out of time. I thought it only fitting to complete the process, as a way to honor his life. I published it for my family, but I made it available on Amazon, so I could share it with the world. 

You can do the same thing for your family. All you need is the information, a few photos, and the desire to preserve your family's history. Do it now, before you run out of time. Call (319) 241-3102 or email for more information. Your family will thank you for it. <3